Beauty Uncompetition

Who is the prettiest? Who has the nicest hair? Who is the best in the class?

Why must there be a prettiest, why can’t I be happy with just being pretty? I relate to my beauty as constantly changing depending on my make-up, my hair, my outfit and most importantly what the other girls in the room looks like. Somehow I was made to believe that there can only be one truly pretty person, and if you are not number one then you’re not pretty – or at least it can feel that way. But I do not relate to other things like there is only one beautiful dress in the room or one beautiful necklace.

I am tired of seeing beauty as a competition with one winner. I hate how I feel when I am the loser- feeling of being inadequate, incompetent, unlovable. The trade off is the powerful confidence and carefree attitude I experience when I am the winner. How do I stop losing myself just because another powerful / pretty / smart/ successful / popular girl walks in the room/ onto the television? How do I stop losing my confidence when I look in the mirror and see an imperfection? How can I always remember all the things that make me beautiful? So that on days when my makeup is not done or when I feel unappreciated for my work, I do not forget that I am worth loving, worth paying attention to, and worth investing in.

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